TARDXs are here to invade the Metaverse

They have traveled far in search of good art and good fights.

After millions of years of genetic engineering, questionable cross breeding, and gallery attending, the old Earth life forms formerly known as Hodlers have set course for the infinite void of space, to populate and marvel. But then, they got, like, totally over it.

Millions more years passed. A cosmic cryptoverse event signaled the end of their blasé lifestyle. It is once again time for invasion and domination and those little triangular sandwiches they serve you at exhibitions.

They are fighters, they are breeders, they are conoisseurs of art. They are TARDXs, and they’re here to stay.

Why get a TARDX?

TARDX is not just another 10K nfts drop, we aim to create a symbiotic ecosystem between artists, marketplaces and gamers. TARDX is a piece of digital art, a gaming character and an NFT Lab.

The profits from the presale will be divided among three 3 axes:

  • Artists Collaboration
  • Gen 2 development for breeding and AR fights
  • Community development and events

Buying a TARDX, you will not only invest in a deflationary crypto asset, but also be eligible for a whole set of rewards as an early adopter. Wait no more!


10000 initial NFTS

9,334 available to mint

547 for community drops and marketing

100 for supporters and collaborators

19 originals for special drops


TARDX originals are the first 19 models ever created, they come from strange planets in distant galaxies.

Gen1 is created with a combination of their traits and body parts. Originals will be dropped separately and the sales profit will go towards the community treasury.



IPFS + on chain stored Metadata
180 different 3d models
Over 1 quintillion possibilities
Unique, randomly generated DNA
8 Body Parts
Solar System and Planet
8 Fighting Attributes
Purity and Dominant Trait
Generation, Level and XP




Marketing and community building.


Special drops in multiple marketplaces.


TardX V2 gen.

Breeding and rewards for early adopters. ChainLink implementation.


Blocked liquidity and yield farming.

AirDrops for early investors and club benefits.

EXHIBITIONS and events
Our goal is to collaborate with artists dropping special editions in top tier marketplaces.
Let's invade the metaverse!


Technical Director
Creative Director


Art project or fight club?
Why not both? Contemporary museums can be pretty boring. We wanted to unite art enthusiasts and gamers with a platform that will stimulate everyone’s imagination.
How to Degen?
You must use a browser that supports the Metamask extension (Brave, Chrome, Firefox) and connect to the Ethereum Mainnet. Make sure you have enough balance in your wallet to pay for minting and gas fees.
How are TARDX stored?
The initial drop metadata is stored on IPFS. After the presale the CID will be associated with the minted items. In the near future, we will provide you with an interface to transfer your off chain metadata onChain at no additional cost.
How can I participate to the project?
You can join us on twitter, discord and telegram to spread awareness about the project. If you’re a developer, artist, or community manager you are also welcome to introduce yourself and we might consider making you a member of our team!
When breeding? When fighting?
We have implemented the necessary architectural features to extend on the current base for that purpose. We now need to assess the best strategy for breeding and fighting in order to provide you with the best experience and it is one of our top mid-term priorities.
When moon sir?
When lambo.
What artists will you be collaborating with?
For the first collab drops we aim to pick an artist from our network as well as one picked from the community.
Im an artist, how can I collaborate?
Email us or join our discord to introduce your art and your vision for this project. The community will pick their favorite artist.
What’s the ERC20 token for?
The ERC20 Token will be used for yield farming, governance and to reward contributors with airdrops. It will also be used as currency in the Metaverse.